Just in case it’s hard to keep My Adventure So Far Series in order 😛

May 2016 – Graduated from high school (a huge accomplishment) (28th)

November 2016 – Voted for the very first time (3rd)

January 2017 – Started/launched this blog (8th), Got my first social media accounts (9th), Got baptized (22nd), First fast (23rd-29th)

February 2017 – Life Lived Fully turned one-month-old (8th), Life changing experience with a homeless man (25th)

April 2017 – First lemonade stand (19th)

August 2017 – Officially a college student (21st)

January 2018 – Blog turns 1 years old! (8th)

April 2018 – Finished my freshman year of college (25th)

February 5, 2017