Hello, welcome to my blog in the little corner of the internet! My name is Priscilla and below you will find the About page. I had written a little blurb right after posting this site, but I realized months later how bad it was. Writing about yourself can be so hard. You want them to know all about you but yet also make sure you don’t share too much. Hopefully this page does justice! (Let me know if it doesn’t)

About Me

I am a Christian and I love Jesus. The East Coast is my home but I attend college in the West Coast. I grew up being homeschooled and loved every minute of it. I have a pretty big family and absolutely love it. I am a very picky eater yet I love food. I love to read and write and look for any ways of improving my writing skills.

I am a 20 year old class of 2016 high school graduate, and instead of going straight to college, I took a gap year and started blogging during that year. Now, I am a college student passionate about living the fullest life possible, and I desire to help others do so as well.

Some of my favorite things include: Pinterest, long showers, movies, food, walks in weather 60 degrees or under, God’s unconditional love.

About the Blog

Life Lived Fully is a lifestyle blog created in January of 2017. I created Life Lived Fully because God has put it on my heart for some time to share my story. God has taught me so much and I know He will teach me so much more. This journey called life was not meant to be ordinary. It was meant for adventure. I believe life was meant to be lived with endless possibilies and I believe that is totally possible for each and every human being, no matter where you are in life. I started this blog to share about my life and the tips I’ve learned from personal experiences. Expect little adventures from my life, adventures from the lives of others, lifestyle tips, and more.

About My Categories (What’s the point?)

Blog – I know when I would look at other blog sites that I loved, I always looked to see if the author or authors had any advice for me, a new and inexperienced blogger. Some did and some didn’t. I want to be one that did. I want to talk about the essence of Life Lived Fully while also giving tips for other bloggers so they could have someone to look to. I don’t get every perfect and I will probably give tips that may not work for you, but we can go through this learning process together.

Christianity – I am a Christian and proudly say so. It’s the biggest part of who I am. There’s a lot that I have to say and teach about the Christian faith. And there’s so many things people want to know about it. I am here to answer your questions, share my testimony, and delve deeper into Scripture. There is so much in the Bible and as you read it, you learn something new every single time. The Bible is your Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

College – College is a whole new life of its own. I want to share my college adventures and tips.

Fun Things – In here will be things like posts about movies, fun things to do in different cities, etc.

Gap Year – I did a lot of things during my gap year and I know there are people out there wondering what gap years are like. In here I’ll share what I did and the tips and tricks I learned from it. Originally I had wanted to write about gap years as I was going through mine. Though that did not end up happening, I still want to tell the world how great gap years can be!

Me – This is the category where you will find articles such as Random Facts About Me.

My Adventure So Far – This category will sometimes overlap with the College and Gap Year categories because this is a series that will include all my life adventures. Some of them may happen in college and some may have to do with a gap year. Wherever they happen, my life is an ongoing adventure.

Uncategorized – This one is the default for my posts. Some things I write just don’t fall under any certain category and that’s ok.

January 8, 2017