Spring/Summer Workout Playlist (2018)

Hey I have another playlist for y’all!

Music can work wonders. It changes moods. It allows you to express a variety of feelings. It relieves stress. It soothes you. It motivates you.

For me, working out can sometimes get boring. Having a playlist of music that you love can definitely make a difference. Music is what motivates me to get done what I need to get done in my workouts.

Last year I shared my then-current workout playlist. Since then, I have added tons and tons of more songs to my workout playlist, so right now it is 8 hours 7 minutes long, and I will still continue to add more!

Here is a more updated list. I can’t put all of the songs on there because then the list would be too long! Some of the songs will be from my previous list, but there will also be a lot longer of a list.

  1. All I Do – NF
  2. All The Time – Swoope
  3. Destiny – NF
  4. Fadeaway – Steven Malcolm ft. Zauntee
  5. God Taught Me – Zauntee
  6. Go Hard – Lecrae ft Tedashii
  7. Go Like That – Mission ft. Brvndon P
  8. Grindin’ – NF
  9. Hammer Time – Lecrae ft. 1K Phew
  10. High Note – Gawvi
  11. I’m Back – Canon
  12. Jumped Out The Whip – Tedashii
  13. Launch Pad – Derek Minor
  14. Legend – The Score
  15. Link Up – Surf Gvng
  16. Motivated – NF
  17. No Name – NF
  18. Oh My Gawd (Freestyle) – Brvndon P
  19. One Hundred – NF
  20. Round Em Up – Canon
  21. Stay Up – Beacon Light
  22. The Family – Canon
  23. Therapy Session – NF
  24. Transformed – Forgiven ft. Krystian
  25. Until I Pass Out – Uncle Reece
  26. We Own It – 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa
  27. When The Beat Drop – Skrip
  28. Whole 9 – Flame ft. Mike Real
  29. Y.C.H.M.B. – Aaron Cole
  30. Zone Out – KB ft. Chris Lee Cobbins

If you couldn’t tell already, my playlist mainly consists of and I mainly listen to Christian rap. I absolutely love that genre of music and I highly recommend it.

While I titled this as my workout playlist, this is a playlist I could listen to anywhere at anytime all day, and I do listen to it anywhere, anytime, all day.

Because of the Christian lyrics, I often find these songs very uplifting and encouraging for me in my walk with Christ. When you can find music like that, there’s nothing like it. Music can work wonders and it definitely has worked wonders in helping me get through my workouts.

Your Turn

If you are needing something to help you get through your workouts, or if you just want something to listen to while completing different tasks, make yourself a playlist.

You can use songs from my list or start a completely new one. Your choice!

Have you heard any of the songs from my list? What’s your favorite song from my list? What’s a song you think I should add to my list? Comment below!