Words of the Summer (2018)

It’s still crazy to think that I am now on summer break. The first year of college just went by so fast!

But now that the summer is here, it’s time to start doing one of the things I have been wanting to do.

One of my absolute closest friends inspired me to do this and I hope it inspires you to do the same.

The “this” I am talking about is picking a word or words to focus on for a set period of time. My close friend Sarah decided to do this her freshman year of college. She decided to pick one word each semester to focus on. Sarah is one of the people who really motivates and inspires me, so when she told me she was doing this, I was like “huh that’s a great idea!”

Focusing on one thing at a time is not one of my strong suits. There are a lot of things I personally want to get better at, but doing them all at once will not be productive or effective. So I decided to follow in Sarah’s footsteps and pick three words to focus on for this summer.

Flexible / Flexibility

I don’t really know how to “go with the flow.” That is basically a foreign concept to me. But this summer I really want to become more flexible with my time and plans. My plans are not always God’s plans for me, and I need to remember that. I also want to remember that even if something isn’t planned into my schedule for that day, that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for. I want to focus on learning that sometimes it is ok to not plan every little thing and to just go with the flow.

Flawed / Fallible

No more worrying over trying to be perfect. No more thinking that mistakes make me a failure. I am fallible. I know I am flawed. I will make mistakes. I know I don’t have everything together. And I need to learn to be ok with that This summer I want to really go for the things I used to be afraid to do. This is the summer I let go of my perfectionism.


Trusting in someone or something can be hard sometimes. But it shouldn’t be hard to trust in my Lord and Savior. Life can be really tough sometimes, but it is in those tough moments that I need to lean on Christ even more. If I trust God only in the easy times, is that really trust? It’s in the hard times that I have learned trusting is not easy, but it is worth it. And it’s ok to put my trust in someone; I don’t have to be afraid to do that. This summer I want to focus on giving God my all, not just part of me. I want to fully put myself in Christ’s arms and let Him lead me.

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn! Pick a word or a few words that describe things you want to get better at. Instead of trying to do everything all at once, take your goals and divided them up into smaller, more accomplishable steps. Pick at one to three words to focus on for this summer and see what happens! You never know what God can do in your life until you get up and try.