So I Am Doing This Thing…

So I am doing this thing.

I’ve never tried doing this before and I am praying I am able to do it.

I am doing this thing where in the month of May, I post a blog every day.

That’s right, every day.

I had a lot of blogs planned already for May (about 20) and thought why not challenge myself and add the extra 11 to make it a post every day? Not only will it be a challenge, but it will also help me to build my content. It’s a win win!

So here is my first yet very short post to start that out. Yes, I know it is not yet May, but I am only starting a few days earlier. Gotta get a head start.

At last! You will get to see a lot of posts about my high school years, my gap year and about my freshman year of college.

Stay tuned!