Happy 1st Birthday LLF! + My 2018 Goals For This Blog

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been one year (and one week) since I started blogging!

Blogging has been a bumpy road for me. Things didn’t always go as planned. If you’ll notice, my earlier posts had typos and were far from perfect. But no, I am not going to fix those mistakes. I am not here to try to look completely perfect to you all; I am here to be real with you all. In my first year of blogging, I had some typos, but you know what? That’s totally ok. It happens. No one is going to catch every little thing, no matter how many times you reread it.

I am definitely still learning about how to blog. On January 8th, my blog turned one year old! This post was originally supposed to go up on that day, but I had some technical difficulties with my site. They are fixed now, and I can finally get on with this post!

2017 GOALS

I did not really accomplish my 2017 goals for this blog. My goals last year were good ones, but I didn’t have a specific plan on how I was going to accomplish those goals.

They weren’t S.M.A.R.T. They weren’t specific, measurable, attainable, (they were relevant), or time-bound. I should have Googled first year blog goals, but I hadn’t even thought to do that. New bloggers, do that. Learn from others. Yes, I know, you are trying to create your own thing, but learn from others who have already done so.

Some people say you shouldn’t share your goals because you are more likely not to get them done if you do. That may be true but I share my goals with you all so you have an idea of where this blog is going.

2018 GOALS

  1. Write 60 posts – Sixty? You may say. Yes, sixty. I have a lot more posts planned for this year and have found a better method and schedule for blogging. I will probably have more than 60 posts by the end of 2018 and that would absolutely amazing.
  2. Write at least 2 posts a week – I know I will probably have some busy weeks where I can only dish out 1 post, but having this goal will help me reach my goal of 60 posts this year.
  3. 3 Guest Posts – I didn’t really have guest posts my first year of blogging, but this year I have a lot of people who would love to write a guest post, so this year it’ll happen!
  4. Feature a major blogger – There are so many big bloggers out there. If at all possible, I would love to feature one on here.
  5. 3 Family member posts – I have family members who also love to write and I would love to feature them on here.
  6. Make my blog more eye-catching and eye appealing – I don’t think my website is ugly but it could use a little more pop. Hopefully I will be able to do a little remodeling with Life Lived Fully.
  7. Take a blogging course – The only thing I can do it learn and get better from here. There are many great blogging courses out there and it would be beneficial to do one. After I do complete a course, I will share all about it with you all.
  8. Join and follow social media blogging groups – To my total surprise, there are actual groups and social media just for bloggers! I honestly didn’t know there was more out there besides paid services and courses but apparently, there are! Might as well join one and learn from other bloggers.
  9. Do a Q & A – At the end of the year, I want to post a blog with a lot of questions and answers that will hopefully help people in various areas of life and hopefully help my readers get to know me better.
  10. Publish an eBook – I have an eBook in mind that I am currently working on. My goal is to publish it in August, so for those of you interested keep a lookout!
  11. Create an email address, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest – Social media is not something I am a huge fan of, but I know it is an outlet I can use to grow LLF and so hopefully sometime soon I will be able to create social media accounts for it.
  12. Have email subscriptions – Email subscribers would be able to get blog post updates and notifications straight to their inbox!
  13. Have 100 subscribers to LLF, 100 followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest – To get to 100 followers would be absolutely amazing! To some, 100 may not sound like a lot, but to me, that means there are 100 people out there encouraged and touched by my blog and willing to support it.
  14. Setup Analytics – One thing I know bloggers do it try to count how many people visit your blog each month. I have no idea if anyone really looks at it so setting this up will help me get an idea of that.
  15. Develop my niche – I wasn’t sure what exactly my niche was. I have one but anyone just looking at my blog probably can’t tell what it is; it needs to be developed more. My official type of blog is a lifestyle blog. But now I need to develop what type of lifestyle blog LLF will be. It’s all a process. One year down, many more of learning and hard work to go.
  16. Earn $100 in one month of income from this blog – It would great if I could make money through Life Lived Fully. That is not my main goal nor is that the reason I created LLF, but I love to write and blog, and it would be great if I could do what I love for a living. $100 in one month would be a great start for me and I would be so happy if that happened.


It’s great to have somewhat short-term goals but it is also a good idea to have long-term goals. What am I trying to accomplish two years from now? Five years from now? Seven years from now?

Below are the goals I have that I would like to accomplish four to five years from now.

  1. Post a blog every day – I would like to get to a point where I am posting new content every day. This will help me strengthen my blog and build my content so there is always something new.
  2. Post something on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and respond to emails and comments every day – Whether it’s responding to someone or posting something new, I want to get to a place where I am actively engaging with my readers and let them know I care about what they send me. I also want them to be able to get a peek into my life. Pinning something to Pinterest every day could be a mini-goal under this main one.
  3. Have a premium subscription option – Along with regular email subscriptions, I would love to offer a premium subscription. This option would cost but would offer a lot of promotions and special things regular subscribers won’t get.
  4. Hire an editor – I am a huge grammar nerd and can usually catch my mistakes. But, no matter how many times I reread a post I am working on, I will not catch every typo (as you could probably already tell), or catch if my sentences flow well. I have a certain style of writing and what I write may make sense to me, but I want to it make sense for my readers as well. An editor can help give me the other person’s perspective and make sure my typos are taken out.
  5. Offer a blog editing service – Being a huge grammar nerd, I have been asked multiple times to edit the papers of my siblings. So, I figured, why not offer that service to other people as well? I would love to take an editing course and get advice from editors so that I can offer a legit service. I would probably only get a few clients so I can give them more individual attention.
  6. Start sending monthly newsletters – This will help me to promote projects, to share life updates, and to interact more with my readers.
  7. Promote a product or service I have used – I don’t like when websites promote products or services they haven’t even used themselves just to make money. I want to promote things I have tried that I know work. That way you can not only hear about it but could also get a full review from someone who actually used the product or service
  8. Do full blog audits – I want to make sure, at least a couple times a year, that all my posts are updated and accurate. I plan to get to a point where I can do an examination and inspection 4 times a year. Nothing but the best content for my viewers. 😀


If you are thinking about starting a blog, or have just started one, try making a list of at least 10 short-term goals and 5 long-term goals. Know where you are and where you want to go. And ask advice from those who are experienced bloggers. They didn’t just get there in a blink of an eye, and they didn’t just get there by chance. They worked hard. They planned ahead.


These are all my goals for LLF. Hopefully you have more of an idea where LLF is headed. Though I will probably hit more bumps on my blogging journey, it is definitely worth it. The only direction is up.

Happy 1st Birthday LLF

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