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Movies I Saw In 2017

Based on my post “Movies To See In 2017”


Though I didn’t see as many movies as I had planned to, I did get to see some really good ones (and some ok ones).

Beauty and the Beast – I was not impressed with this remake. I had been excited to see this since I had heard a lot of people loved it, but I only saw it once and have no desire to watch it again. The Cinderella remake was way better. Disney, please step it up and please do not ruin the other remakes in progress. (The good thing about this movie was that they added a little more historical context to it. Other than that, it was definitely not better than the original.)

Cars 3 – I honestly wasn’t sure where they were going to go with this movie but I was still happy to see another Cars movie. The second one wasn’t that good but this one was awesome! Loved it!

Despicable Me 3 -I remember when the first movie came out. Despicable Me (1) was a movie that was different than the usual kid movies and the story was funny but also not average. The third one was good but not as good as the previous two. Favorite thing about this movie would have to be Lucy and her motherly moments with the girls.

Gifted – I still haven’t seen this movie. I haven’t heard a lot about it either, other than what’s in the trailers. It looks like it has some really great actors and actresses in it, and I will make sure I watch this soon!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – This movie was hilarious. Originally I thought this one would be better than the first. Though it was amazing, I can’t say I like this one more than the previous one. I am not saying it wasn’t good. It for sure was. It for sure was hilarious! Drax’s laugh was awesome! The characters were great and I LOVED what they did with the idea of fatherhood in this movie. That theme was very well done. But the first is just classic.

Hidden Figures – My family and I rented this movie and watched it together. It was so good! Though certain moments made me very angry at the injustice African Americans had to endure, it’s great that this not very popular story in American history was shared. People need to know more about stories like these.

Jumanji – Though it looks hilarious, it does not look like it will be true to the original work, which is disappointing. Robin Williams played a great role in the original movie and you would think the remake would at least pay homage to that. Maybe it did. I haven’t seen the movie yet.

Justice League – I unfortunately haven’t seen this yet. I have heard both good and bad things about it. I am hoping it is good (DC is better than Marvel!).

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – My sister says this is great and I like the actor who plays King Arthur. But I have yet to see. I am determined to see it!

Lego Batman – Still haven’t seen this movie and that’s such a shame. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this movie. It looks like it was really good.

Life – This sci-fi movie looked good, but I am not a huge fan of horror movies so I haven’t seen this one yet. It’s looked like it had a great story line though.

Power Rangers – This live action movie was absolutely AMAZING! Some live actions like Beauty and the Beast do not do justice to the origin works. But this movie was no disappointment. I loved it! The storyline had a great twist to it and also brought back the iconic Power Rangers theme song and aspects in the best way possible. They had the perfect actors and actresses for the characters and while it had a lot of action, it also had humor, which I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

Spiderman: Homecoming – I for one was not interested in seeing this movie. But it turned out to blow my mind and be pretty good! Tom Holland actually played a really fantastic Spiderman and the storyline had plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes. The beginning was great! It had scenes from Civil War that were from Peter’s perspective.The only thing I didn’t like was the actress they picked to play Mary Jane. Zendaya should have been a new character. Her acting in the movie was great but her character was not true to the original Mary Jane. The ending though… LOVED IT!!!

The Boss Baby – I didn’t see this until Thanksgiving Break but it was great! The storyline was way, way different than I had expected but in a good way. I love the brotherly relationship between the two main characters, especially at the end.

The Fate of the Furious – This movie was AMAZING! The trailer made it look amazing and this movie was one of those movies that did not disappoint. It lived up to and surpassed the trailer. Dom’s character was done very well and Scott Eastwood played a great part. Though I was sad when a certain character died, the death was in a way made up for when Dom’s son was named Brian. The movie did well to still remember Paul Walker’s beloved character and I have to say this is one of or if not my top favorite movie in this franchise. I don’t think I could ever get tired of this movie.

The Space Between Us – This is a movie I had waited a long time to see. I watched it with my sister but it took a while to watch it because it kept pausing and buffering. I had seen a lot of bad reviews for this movie. It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t the story line you expected at first and it had an ok ending.

Thor: Ragnarok (Thor 3) – Thor 3, the movie I had been most excited for all year! It did not disappoint, though it was way different than I had expected. It had plenty of humor and you just can’t help but love the brotherly interactions between Thor and Loki. I did not expect Odin to die and his character seemed different than he had originally been in the past two movies, which was really weird for me. I did love how the film started out and how Thor exposed Loki from his facade. I honestly had expected Asgard to be in a lot worse shape because Loki had taken over but thank goodness that’s not the direction the film ended up going. And Heimdall? You love him more and more every movie, he’s just a great all around character.  (The two things I didn’t like was that one, Jane was not in the movie and no longer will be in the movies. And two, that Thor lost an eye, but it did go well with a concept of the film)

War For the Planet of the Apes – I was disappointed with this movie. The idea of it was great but the movie itself could have been done so much better. The first two were fantastic and the second Apes movie will so far be the best one and my favorite of the series.

Others movies I saw (that hadn’t been on my original list)

Star Wars The Last Jedi – This movie seemed different from the last two current movies. It was not my favorite and felt slow in the beginning. It did get a lot better in the second half and I loved the character Rose; she was a great addition. I have to say my favorite parts of the movie were in the interactions between Kilo and Rey. (I totally ship Reylo!). I definitely have to see this movie again to get a better feel of the movie. I am not trying to hate on Star Wars but I will forever be a Trekkie!

The Greatest Showman – This musical was amazing! I have to say Hugh Jackman’s singing was way better than it was in Les Mis, and it was great in Les Mis. It was also great to hear Zac Efron sing again. This movie was based on a true story and the soundtrack was phenomenal! I have listened to it many times and can’t wait to see the movie again! The storyline was well put together and had a lot of variety to it. I loved the interactions between Zendaya and Zac Efron; their story was well done. And the ending could not have been any better. I cannot say enough good things about this movie.


I cannot wait to see the movies 2018 will bring!

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