My Heart Hurts

My heart hurts.

It hurts for the lives that were lost during these many natural disasters.

It hurts for the lives lost because of hatred, whether racial or not.

It hurts for the families who have lost loved ones because of these things.

It hurts for the hate that fills so many people.

It hurts for the veterans and people who are being disrespected by those not willing to stand for the National Anthem.

It hurts for the African American men and women who are being targeted, treated as trash, and either beaten or killed.

It hurts because racial tension is being fed instead of fixed.

It hurts because people try to blame God instead of realizing their part in the cause of the problem.

It hurts because Christians today don’t know what it really means to be a Christian.

It hurts for our country.

I’ve never felt this before. I knew bad things and tragedy happened in the world. But I had never known someone who it had affected. I’ve never had to worry about the safety of my parents or my siblings because I was always around them. If anything were to happen, I could be there for them.

But now? I can’t. I’m so far from home. And tragedy after tragedy strikes. It’s real. It’s so much more realer to me than it has ever been before. And here at my college, there are so many people who I have met who have been affected by the recent tragedies, especially the Los Angeles Shooting.

It hurts. It’s so real. Life, whether it’s yours or the life of a loved one, could be lost at any moment. Jesus, it’s because of that truth that I cling to You more.

America is lost. But that does not mean I will not stand or defend for my country at any moment. Jesus, America needs You more than ever. America needs to come back to You.

My heart hurts.

But Jesus You are healing it and You are willing to heal the hearts of others.

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