A Higher Standard

I honestly didn’t know what to post about today. But I was determined to post something today. I am determined to stick with it.

I Googled “what to blog about when you don’t know what to blog about.” And there wasn’t really anything helpful. There were a few topics, but not one I could do right now. So I have decided in the near future to write a “what to write about” and “writer’s block” post.

But anyway, after the searching, I got the idea to post about something I call “A Higher Standard.” I have been thinking a lot about my life and my choices recently. I have been discovering new things about myself, realizing the life I want to life and have and also questioning the former choices I have made. (Plus this will be my 30th post so I had to make it good :P) It’s a weird experience for me but it’s definitely rewarding. I knew this concept, but recently A Higher Standard has become more real to me.

This is post is to anyone who calls himself a Christian. If you are or claim to be a Christian, there is a higher standard of living you are called to.

When I learn that a certain celebrity or person in my life is a Christian, or at least calls himself one, I sometimes question it because of the life they are living. Or I see someone who I thought was a Christian do something totally opposite of what they claim to believe. It’s frustrating. Each time I always ask “don’t they realize we are supposed to be different? Don’t they realize we as Christians are not supposed to look like the world? That if they were really Christian they would stand out from the world?”

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to judge anyone. I know God tells us in the Bible that He is the only Judge and that we humans do not determine who is a true Christian and who is not. We never know the whole story.

But I want to remind Christians that calling yourself isn’t where it ends. You have to live it. You are called to A Higher Standard, to live apart from the world. To be a light in the world.

It really frustrates me when I see so-called Christians trying to blend in. That’s not what you are called to do! Yeah I am calling you out, person who drinks. Yeah I am calling you out, person who curses. Person who dresses scantily. Person who parties all the time. Person who posts everything and anything you are doing. Person who sleeps with everyone they meet. Person who sells and does weed and other drugs.

That is not representing Christ. Christian means “little Christ.” If you call yourself a Christian, be that.

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