My Adventure So Far: The Time I Realized What A Savings Account Is For

Here’s another adventure from my gap year!

Saving is something my parents always taught me to do. When I first got my first job at fourteen, I saved regularly. But as I got older, I had more expenses and things I paid for, so I slowly stopped saving.

For my gap year I wanted to start saving again. Starting in October I was regularly putting $5-$15 in my savings account almost every week and I didn’t even touch it when I was doing Christmas shopping (I was so proud of myself for that).

But then it happened.

I had gone to a Christmas play. It was It’s A Wonderful Life and I had never seen the movie. The premiere night of the play the church it was at had been the night before, but my one of my friends had just flown in back from college and she was going to see the play. So I went on the second night and had been so happy to see her! I arrived before she did and she even came up behind me and surprised me in the best way possible.

We had a great time there and I got to meet her friend from college who was staying with her for a while. But when I was leaving the church, I hit some pothole or something.

And that’s when things started to go wrong.

I don’t remember the exact amount of days, but for almost a week my car was making a weird sound whenever I drove it. My parents and I were worried it was the muffler. A week later, after taking it to the shop a few days before, my car is given its diagnostic and fixed. You see, though the fix would cost a lot, it would make my car last longer to where I could use it while in college. This car was a hand-me-down from my dad and I love the car, it’s just old and has been used a lot.

But I would have to pay for $1,000-something in repairs. I ain’t got money like that.

The people and company my families uses worked with us and that helped alot.

I looked at my savings accounts and realized I could use that towards my car repair bill. That’s when the light bulb went off. So that’s what a savings account is for! I never fully saw why it was SO important to save until that moment. Never had I realized this before.

So guys, saving actually IS important. Normally I like to have everything together so for me that meant having all my money is checking but then you are more likely to spend it so don’t do that. You will be so grateful that you saved money when an unexpected expense comes up. I know, you’ve probably heard that before. But this was definitely a learning experience for me so I hope it encourages you!

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