My Adventure So Far

My Adventure So Far: National Aquarium Date Part 2



On that date, I had a life changing experience. And I knew I wanted to write about that experience on March 20th.


I just didn’t think that day would come up so quickly.


You see, I meant a special man that day, on February 25th, and I will never forget that day. I will not tell you his name; I will keep that private. But for the purpose of this post his name will be G. I chose to write about G today because today is his 64th birthday and I want to make sure I honored that.


G was not like anyone I had met before. The two hours we spent with him were nothing like I had experienced before. But it was all great and I thank God for the experience.


And I want more of these experiences and opportunities.


The story of G comes in when Trent and I were eating lunch. We’d walked across the street to Chick-Fil-A, after deciding that the aquarium food was too expensive. Chick-Fil-A was crazy packed and the line was long, but we got out food in a good amount of time. Since there was literally no open seats, we decide to walk back across the street to sit on some steps I had seen on the way over to CFA. But then when we get to where I thought we could sit, turns out we couldn’t sit there after all. So we walk back across the street again, all while carrying our food, the wind is blowing, it’s starting to drizzle, and my stomach is screaming “feed me now!”\


We decide to sit on the sidewalk-ish part since the tables in front of the neighboring restaurants were wet (it had rained).

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