My Before College Bucket List

Again I missed posting on a Saturday. But it’s ok. I am learning to not stress about the little things anythmore. Don’t worry, I will get to the story why I didn’t post later.

Today I wanted to take the time and talk more about my gap year. For this post it will be all about all my gap year goals.

For anyone who is taking a gap year or plans to take one, make sure you have at least three goals. I say three because one could become boring and be completed before the gap year is over, and four could be too many, depending on what it is you want to do. Goals help you to have something to work toward during your year off of school. It helps that year not to be pointless.

Three things you want to have

       1. Something that helps build your resume

This could be any special project or job or trade that you complete or learn to do to help advance you in your career.

       2. Something fun that you can do regularly

I believe life should be fun. Yes in your year off of school, work is important, but don’t make it all about work. Have some fun. Pick an activity you enjoy that you can do regularly.

Note: I highly suggest traveling to somewhere new, even if for a day. It adds to your gap year experience and gives you a story to tell later on.

       3. Something for why you took the year off in the first place

For me I took a year off to work on myself. So I have to make plans and do the work to accomplish that goal. Whatever your reason was, say to save up for college or to travel, actually do it. Put money in the bank, look into gap year travel programs, or whatever it is. Just do something.

My Before College Bucket List

I created a list during my senior year of all the things I wanted to do during my gap year and have edited it many times since then. And that’s ok. At first I never liked to change things. I always wanted to go with what I originally had and when it wouldn’t work out that way, I would get frustrated. But I’m learning that plans can change and that’s ok. Your plans can change and that’s ok, as long as you stick with them.

For right now, this is what my bucket list looks like now. I have them divided by section.

Bible – I want to read the whole Bible this year, 2017. So I planned to read the Bible everyday, following this plan I have in my devotional. I try to read everyday, but that is not always the case. But I have to say I love reading the Bible. I have learned so much and it never gets boring when I read it. I feel way more drawn to it than I ever have been before. It’s incredible! I recommend it.

Travel – Traveling is such a big dream of mine. I want to go to as many places as I can in my lifetime. But. Traveling is expensive. I had places I wanted to go but the money wasn’t there. So I had to change my plans. I have changed them at least three times. But as of right now here are the places I plan on traveling to

  • North Carolina – to visit with family and spend time with my sister and her family while I have the chance
  • Wisconsin – to visit with family
  • New York City – I spent a day trip there for a photography class field trip in 11th grade and loved it. Now I just want to go back to explore and have fun. Originally I wanted to go to a Broadway show, and Yankees game but both of those are expensive so I may have to wait on those. But there’s always Central Park, The High Line and cool restaurants I could visit.
  • Colorado – My family has always wanted to go to the CBC Summer Family Bible Conference there and I want to visit a close friend of mine there, so prayerfully that works out.
  • Arizona – One of my best friends goes to school in Arizona and if I could I could visit her. I love and miss her so much!

Read – I have a list of about 50 books or so I wanted to either finish that I have started or read that I have not read yet. I have already finished some of them and I will add them to my list of 1,000 books. Reading in generally is a great thing for everything to do. You can learn so much, even if reading a fiction book for fun. Reading especially helps if, like me, you want to become an author someday.

Book Ban – I thought about putting myself on a book ban for the month of March while I read and finish some of the ones that I already have, but then my mom reminded me that Family Christian Store is (SADLY) closing (teardrop). I still can’t believe that it is going out of business and but I will definitely take advantage of the sales!

Camp – I want to do Streetreach, a camp I have been doing for the past three summers This year I wanted to do the same camp again, and a camp called Worldview Academy.

Food – There are many of my favorite restaurants that aren’t chains that I want to make sure I visit before I leave for college. Their food is just so good!

Money – My goal is to build up my checking and savings account to where I can have $300 and above that is what I live off of.

Fun – As for the fun part of my bucket list (besides the traveling of course) I want to go to concerts. So far I have gone to two (and don’t worry, I will blog about them), and hopefully I will be able to go to two or three more.

Photo Shoot – Sometime in the summer I want to get my best friends together and do a photo shoot. I want to be able to have pictures to take with me to school and just a fun time to create memories with all my close friends.

Spiritual –  One of my biggest and most important goals of my gap year for me is to grow spiritually. Reading the Bible a lot more has really helped with that. Along with that I want to finish 3 books and 2 devotionals.

Stories – So I eventually want to get to a point where I write every day, at least 300 words. I write a lot, but I don’t always focus on one story and I don’t always write 300 words. So I am working on that. Right now I have about 7 main stories I am working on and the titles of those will be revealed later 😛

TV – I want to catch up on TV shows. I also want to watch some shows I hadn’t seen before. Shows such as 7th Heaven, 90 Day Fiance, Arrow, Beyond (watched all of the first season, it was really good), Daredevil (saw the first three episodes) Flash, Fuller House (waiting for the third season, the first two were great), Heartland, iZombie, Married By Mom & Dad, Once Upon A Time, Prison Break (trying to finish this before the new season premiere, I’m in the second season now), and Switched At Birth (this is my favorite show, I am currently watching the last season and I really don’t want it to end!)

So there you go! What’s your list?

Quick Story

So I have a quick story for y’all. The reason I didn’t post this past Saturday was because I had a terrible night that night.

So I am at a Sweet 16 party and it ended at 11pm. At 10:50pm, I go to my purse to grab my keys but I can’t find them. I look check again, then check in the downstairs lounge area I had been in, and in the coat rack area, and in my purse three more times. Eventually I decide what the heck, let’s go check in my car. To my dismay, I find my keys … LOCKED ON MY CAR, IN THE IGNITION. I couldn’t believe it! I had never done anything like this before. I normally don’t even lock my car until I see no keys in my hand.

I end up having to call my parents. Long story short we go back and forth trying decide if I should leave my car there and get a ride or call roadside service. I end up calling roadside service and they tell me the guy will be there at midnight. By then it’s 11:22pm.

Five minutes to midnight I walk to the front door of the building and start saying my goodbyes but then the employee of the venue who is locking up says he has to close the bulldog and lock up. So we head outside. A couple minutes later I realize I left my phone charger in the building. I ended up not getting my charger back until Tuesday and I never realized how much I actually needed my phone, like for as for a GPS, a way to just call someone, or even right something down. There were so many times where I needed to use it but couldn’t because all the other crappy chargers didn’t work.

To top it off, when the roadsize service person came, he informed me I wasn’t actually on my parent’s service plan like the lady on the phone had told me. We had to wait while he called in. But thank goodness he still helped me out and also gave me tips on how to prepare for this if it were to happen again. I was so grateful for that and grateful for all the people who stayed to make sure I was ok. I was very done with the night and extremely happy when I got home!

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