My Adventure So Far: Weight Loss Check In #1

For those of you who read the first version of this post, you probably saw this at the top of the page, “WARNING THIS POST IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.”

I write all my posts on Google Drive and for this post I included a lot of pictures. I normally copy and paste my posts onto here and just publish them. But I didn’t know that the pictures didn’t follow. That was very upsetting because I had spent a lot of time trying to edit each picture. I finally learned how to save the pics from the doc onto my computer, each picture, one by one, all twenty five of them, and then edit each one, twenty five of them, again. So I really hope you enjoy and I am sorry if you had to read the first choppy version of this!

So. I think it’s time I talk more about my personal struggles. It’s part of why I started this blog. I wanted people to be able to see someone real and wanted my story to help other people and give them hope. So today I am going to talk about something close and personal.

Weight loss. Health. Taking care of myself. Struggle. These are some things I have been afraid to talk about. But I feel that all these things need to be talked about. Being healthy and happy is something so many people struggle with. I struggle with it. This post isn’t about knowing and believing you’re beautiful. While that’s true and while mental health is important, you still need to take care of yourself physically. The Bible says your body is a temple so it should be treated as so. I know, it’s hard, it’s really really hard.

I want to be open to my readers and I want to be real. This is the real deal people.

I feel like a lot of people who do share their weight loss journey don’t share it until they have reached their goal. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I wanted to share it with you all as a I go through it. I want to be as if you are going through it with me so that people that need to can relate to it and see the day to day work that it takes. It is also motivation for me to make sure I have done some work so I have something to show you all.

These “Weight Loss Check In” posts will be every other month, so the next one will be at the end of April, then June and on August 1, the date I will see if I have met my goal. And I am determined to meet my goal.

For this post it will cover the background and what I have tried before, so it may be a little long but I will include pictures so it will be ok! 😉

One of my gap year goals is to lose 40 pounds. I have been trying to lose weight since late 2015. But I was getting the hang of things and didn’t know what I was doing. To be honest I still don’t. But I am striving for a goal and doing the best I can with what I’ve got. And that’s what matters – that I try and don’t give up. That’s what matters for you – that you try and never give up.

I have given up before, many times. I am not proud of that. But I was determined to make 2017 my year. I’m tired of not seeing any change and I’m tired of focusing on all my failed attempts. No one should have to live like that. You shouldn’t have to live like that, back and forth.

This post was actually a lot harder to write than I thought it would be. I knew it would be hard, but not this hard. There’s so many things I could say and so many places I could start. But first off I am going to apologize for the quality-or lack of quality-of my pictures. I tried to brighten them up as best as possible and I hope they help you see what I explain in post.


My mom is passionate about health and is always looking for ways to be healthier. One day she got a book in the mail that she had ordered and I happened to see it. After I saw it, I was like yes I want to do this!

The book was Super Shred: The Big Results Diet: 4 Weeks 20 Pounds Lose It Faster! by Ian K. Smith and it sounded like the perfect plan for me. I tried many times to stick to it but honestly I didn’t always have the supplies I needed. I wanted to stick with it starting in January but I had lost the book and just found it this past week.

One of the things I did was create a daily routine goal. In the beginning of the day I wanted to: pray, read the Psalm and Proverb of the day, do a devotion, read my affirmations, eat my vitamins, and go to the gym. During the day my goal was 10,000 steps a day, and a limit of 2 ½ hours of TV. At the time when I had first created this in 2015 I had a pedometer. It broke and I haven’t gotten a new one yet but I will sometime this Spring. At the end of the day I wanted to walk a mile, workout at home, write the positives of that day, journal, and pray. I also make a food rules list for myself that I stuck with for a little bit. Some of the rules includes having a fruit or vegetable with every meal, eating only wheat bread, and having one of each of my favorite sauces a week (I have a weakness when it comes to condiments, I absolutely love them. But I need to cut back on them).

I am one who needs a written down plan that I can stick to. So, I wrote out what I wanted to do week by week. It was pain and frustrating when I had to redo it, but I highly suggest doing this.

I don’t care if you are a visual person or not, make a plan and write it down. It gives you something to look at and stick with. And if you forget something, like what workout you should be doing or what week of your food plan you are on, you have something to reference.

Pinterest had so many resources that I loved. One of those things was to list my every pound I wanted to lose by number.

I started by making a grid (using a ruler of course, no way I could make the lines that straight without one).

Then I filled in every square, but used two different colors per page, alternating colors every number, so one color for the odd numbers and one for the even.

When I was losing weight, it was always so much fun to cross off a number. It was just so satisfying! Try it out!


All of this stuff I above I kept in one binder. If you want to keep everything in one place, the recipes and your workout routines you want to follow, put it all in one place. Decorate it. Make it your own. Just have it together so you are more organized and it makes doing your workouts and making meals a lot easier.

Another Pinterest thing I did was make a list of holidays/certain dates, each in a different color, and then next to that I had the goal weight I wanted to be at by that time. Along with that I also had a chart with rewards. Every certain number of pounds that I lost or will lose, I would or will give myself a reward. Each reward with the pound goal had it’s own color.

Every time I found a workout routine, whether online, in a book or in a magazine, I copied or printed it and added it to my binder. The one below is one I found in a magazine during prom season of 2015.

All of this stuff-my weight number charts, weight goal charts, and reward charts plus my each workout routine I found were all in page protectors.

Doing that helped me keep my papers nice and not messed up with food (when I cook and look at the recipes) or sweat (when I was working out and looking at the binder). I mean after all, I put a lot of time and creativity into it, I was going to make sure I took care of all the stuff in my binder.


I had given up and wasn’t about to start over, for the third time.


For some reason, I felt God telling me to do everything-the food plan, my goal chart, etc-again. For a third time.

This was back in December and at the time I was fed up with starting over. But to be honest doing it on my own wasn’t working. For me I need a plan. I needed to plan it out and have something physical I could see that I could stick by. I really really didn’t want to make the charts and food plan and everything else over again and I fought God on it, but God was like nope, you can’t stop, you have to do it again.

So I did.

I redid my weight loss goals chart and rewards chart.

This is what it is currently. I don’t plan on changing it again.


Not only did I make the charts and plans again, I also made some changes to how I was going about all of this.

First off I took out all my workouts and looked at them again. I had had a huge file of them in my binder. Not only was my binder overflowing, but I never stopped adding workouts to it.

These aren’t the best pictures but I had a ton and a ton of workouts in there. Each one of those sheets in the left picture held a different workout. As soon as I found a new one, I printed it and added it to my binder. And I tried to do all of them in one day. That did nothing but leave me tired and discouraged.

The change: I grabbed a bigger, newer binder and decided to go through all of my workouts and pick a few that I felt I could do. I needed to start small and go from there. I also decided to separate the workouts I picked my what I called my “morning routine,” “afternoon routine,” and “night routine.” I wanted to do a little something more than once a day.

After doing that, I redid my affirmations.

I also added recipes to the few I had had in the original binder.

I picked recipes that were healthy but also included almost all foods I ate. I am a very picky eater but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be healthier.

If you are a picky eater like me, do that. Find healthy recipes that include all ingredients you eat, even if you are not the healthiest eater. Find meals that are a healthier version of what you currently eat. Start slow and take baby steps. That’s what I didn’t do. I jumped right in and tried doing everything all at once. It’s didn’t and never does work. Don’t make my mistake. Build yourself up to the healthier ingredients, just don’t stay in the same place. Be active about moving forward.

After getting the recipes I made a new daily routine for myself.

This is the current one but I plan on tweaking it a little soon.

For my weekly goal schedule, after redoing it, I separated it by month. This was partly to take things one month at a time but also partly because I wanted to make it easier for me to change things without having to print other months with it.

One of the other things I also changed made a big difference. I added encouraging quotes/pictures. I love reading them and they always give me that little boost that I need.


At the beginning of this year, I thought it would be a great idea to weigh myself at the end of every week. I thought it would help me stay on track. What I didn’t know what that your weight fluctuates a lot, way more than you think it does.

Below is what I had recorded each week and some of the weights have my thoughts at the time.

  • August 2016 – 170 lbs. This is the weight I was when I had my physical. This was my first visit with this doctor and she had asked to see me again in 6 months. So I set the appointment for February and was determined not to let her down.
  • 12/31/2016 – 168.2 lbs. Not too shabby.
  • 1/07/2017 – 167 lbs
  • 1/14/2017 – 164.8 lbs. I reached my goal early! Never thought this losing weight thing was possible!!!
  • 1/21/2017 – 165.2 lbs. I didn’t work out at all this week and I am so ashamed of that but it’s ok. Note – don’t let reaching your goal mean you slack off thinking you are ok.
  • 1/22/2017 – 169 lbs? I was very disappointed. Note – I had a HUGE dinner the night before and had totally pigged out.
  • 2/01/2017 – 165.8 lbs. I’m happy for a new start, and can’t believe that’s what I weighed now.
  • 2/08/2017 – 172.0 lbs. So I was so angry at myself for letting me doctor downed. Or at least that’s how I saw it.
  • 2//2017 – 168.8 lbs. I decided to weigh myself one last time before March 16, the next time I would weigh myself.

I decided that going onto the scale wasn’t working for me anymore and I needed to take a break from it. So I weighed myself one last time and then picked a date to see where I could get. I also made a list of foods that would be off limits for the next three weeks, starting today. The foods included fries. And I could only drink water.


I wanted to start this food ban past Wednesday, the 22nd (Feb), but I have not stuck with it. I cheated and ate fries twice and had orange juice twice with breakfast. It made me realize how hard this was going to be but also how worth it it was going to be. If I really wanted to make a change, I had to actually do it, and I had to do it now. Not later. Not the next Sunday when the week would be a new one. Now. I had to start now. Now. You have to start now.


I have to give a shout out to my parents. My dad is passionate about working out and my mom is passionate about health in general. My dad is always trying to get me to workout with him and my mom has given me many books and devotionals on health to help me. Their passionate for health has rubbed off on me and I thank them for that. They are the reason I care about my health, because I didn’t always.

So thank you so much Mom and Dad!


Losing weight isn’t my main goal. It’s one of my big goals, but my main goal to be healthier. According to the doctors, I am healthy. But with the extra weight, terrible sleeping habits, and lack of eating nutritional food, that could change any minute. And that scares the heck out of me. My body is God’s temple. I need to take of care of it.

For anyone who wants to be healthier, try the things below

  1. Make a weight chart. List every pound. Use colors. It’s fun to cross off a number after you lost that pound.
  2. Keep a food journal. This helps you keep track of your eating habits and see where you can make necessary changes. Keeping a food journal also keeps you mindful of exactly what you are eating and when you are eating it. I know for me when I went to write something down sometimes a voice in the back of my head would whisper “do you really want to write that down? should you really be eating that?” Let’s just say I have some days I am proud of and days I am not so proud of. But I write it all down anyway.
  3. Keep a workout journal. This helps you keep track of what you did that day, the days you worked out, and helps you see your progress. You can see what your habits are and what you need to do more of and what you need to do more of. It helps you see if your intake is matching your calorie burn. This is a super important part of being healthy and losing weight.
  4. Take your measurements. If you workout consistently and eat healthier, you will see a change in your body, not only in how you feel but you will see yourself shred pounds. Yeah you could just use a scale but your weight fluctuates more than you think and keeping the numbers help you see how far you have come.
  5. Create a daily routine. I’m still working on sticking to one but having a routine helps your mind and body get into a set mode. Having a set routine also helps you make sure you have done all the important things you need to do that day and keeps you in a rhythm without stressing about when to do what and what is more important because you know that by the end of the day you accomplished everything.  For me I’m trying to go to bed at the same time.
  6. Print positive pictures. Having a visual positive reminders helps keep you motivated and encouraged. Sometimes you don’t feel like encouraging yourself and telling yourself you can do it. Find something else that will in those low moments because there will be some of those. But also read those positive reminders on your good days. You will always remember them when you do that and it’s always better to have a positive mindset; it’s part of being healthy.
  7. Sleep! You can’t lose weight or feel good unless you get a good amount of sleep! I am preaching to myself. My sleeping habits are terrible. But it is no important! I have finally realized that. My parents tried to tell me that it was but I never believed it until one day I read a Bible verse on sleep. Don’t remember what it was, but I know that’s what I started to believe sleep was actually important.
  8. Remember Who you are serving. Take care of yourself not only so you can stay at a healthy weight, but do it because God has called you to take care of your body. Do it because God is not done with you; He will never be done with you. He has a plan for you. Don’t you want to be able to do it?

I am no expert. These are just things I have learned and are learning.

But please.

Don’t put your health of the back burner. Make it a priority. Your body is a temple. God values you. Value yourself.

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