My Adventure So Far: My Dream College Weekend Stay


Hello people! So it’s that time: college. With my gap year half way over, it’s time to prepare for college.

About a week ago I went to visit my dream college for the weekend. This school is absolutely amazing, and I don’t even go there yet lol. But I am in love with this school and was so glad I got to spend a weekend there.

I kept the schedule and the map in my back pocket at all times and used them frequently. And that helped me to  learn the campus… sort of.

The weekend stay was from Friday to Sunday and I was so happy that it was all three days.

Day One: Friday

There was the option of Early Arrival, so my dad and I left around 8am and got to the school around 10:30. The Early Arrival was at 11.

After the evening gathering, they gave us a schedule for the next day. In that schedule was six hours of free time me and a bunch of activities to choose from. They all looked great and I knew if I didn’t plan ahead I would/my mind would go crazy.

Day Two: Saturday

I kept looking at what I had planned and tried to stick to it. So I thought I’d just go through the day with you. 😀

7:30am Wake up, get upNo, I did not actually get up at 7:30. I have to set my alarm like five times before I actually get up.

8:30-9:30 Breakfast. I don’t remember the exact time I went to breakfast, but I think I got there at about 9. There was a table of girls.

10:00am Morning GatheringAll the gatherings started with praise and worship, which I LOVED, and each gathering was different, so it was never boring and it never felt like two hours.

That night after the Evening Gathering I went to the Swing Dance class. It was a lot of fun (even though I had absolutely no coordination), and I stayed for an hour.

When I got back to the room I was staying in, the two hosts asked if I and the other prospective girl if we wanted to go to breakfast but we decided not to, which I was glad about.

Day Three: Sunday

Breakfast was at 9 but I didn’t bother to get up, I was so tired from the night before. Sleeping in didn’t really do much and I was running a little behind schedule. Carrying my bags across campus was not fun. I ended up getting a yogurt and eating it in the room where I dropped off my bags before going to the Morning Gathering.


So. My weekend there overall was good. I would totally suggest to high schoolers going to the weekend stays of colleges you get accepted into. It helps you really see the school and see if it’s a place you can see yourself in.

So. Day One I met this wonderful girl named Brooke. I had met her when I sat in on a class. I got her Instagram messaged her about hanging out Day Two. She was busy and I had activities I was going to do so we didn’t end up hanging out until 10:15. I was so glad that that worked out. Brooke stood out to me when I got to briefly talk to her during the class I sat it and getting to meet up was such a blessing.

What blessed me the most was that towards the end of the conversation, Brooke told me she had prayed as she walked over to the cafe to hear my story. I’m a stranger to her and she still prayed that. Talking with her was an encouragement that I could find great friends at college.

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