My Goals For 2017 With This Blog

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday!

Today, as you can see from the title, you’ll get to see what my 2017 goals are for Life Lived Fully. Now that you know what this blog is about and what my personal goals are, I think it’s important you know what my goals are for this blog and where it will be heading.

If you own a business, write a blog, etc, it’s very important that you not only list your personal goals, but list your professional goals as well. It’s also important that you don’t just have one or the other. When you have both goal lists, you see where you want to go professionally and personally. Both areas are important and goal setting is a big way to be successful. If you don’t know what you are reaching for, you won’t reach for anything, and if you try to you will go all over the place instead of having a set plan.

As for Life Lived Fully, here are the things I would like to do with this blog:

  1. Have written 52 posts by the end of the year. I would like to post at least once a week. Some weeks there will be 2-3 posts, and I would love to get to a point where I post twice a week, but once a week is my goal for this year.
  1. Have 3 guests posts by the end of the year. Out of those 52 posts, I want to have at least 3 of them be from other bloggers. They can give you all a different perspective and writing style that may appeal certain people more than my style of blogging. Plus to collaborate with three other bloggers would be super cool!!
  1. Have 2 posts from family members. While a lot of bloggers seek to have posts from other bloggers, I think it would also be cool to have 2 from a family member or two, say a sibling, aunt, uncle, mom or dad. They also give a different insight and feel and it’s just fun to include your family in your blogging.
  1. Have a Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account for my blog. Social media is not something I am a huge fan of (a topic will be covered in another post), but I think it would help to have one for Life Lived Fully. Many people spend HOURS on social media and what better way to get word out?
  1. Email subscriptions. Once I figure out how to do this, you will be able to subscribe to Life Lived Fully! That way you can get email updates sent straight to your inbox!
  1. Premium email subscriptions. Once my email subscriptions are up and running, I will add a “premium” option. It would be around $10/month or $100/year. With it you would get access to special features such as coupons, daily devotionals, and recipes of the week.
  1. Speaking of Recipes of the Week, I am not a fan of cooking, but to help myself cook more and become better at it, I want to post a recipe a week. It would be one that I tried and I’d have pictures showing myself doing them.
  1. Weekly Devotional Series. This year I would love to add weekly devotionals to this blog. I wholeheartedly want to share the love of Christ with others and there are so many devotional topics that I believe could help many people with their day to day struggles and needs. I want to come from the heart and not just preach at you.
  1. Bible Verse of the Week. Probably before the Weekly Devotionals, there will be a Bible Verse of the Week. It can be to aid you in your week, give you something to focus on, or be used as a verse for you to help you memorize more scripture. The Bible has so much in it and there is so much to learn from it, and you don’t have to read chapters at a time to learn something. One verse is powerful in itself.
  1. Book Reviews. To help with my goal of reading 1,000 books, I want to read a book a month and do a book review once a month. That book won’t always be a fictional one (those are the ones I read all the time). I want to broaden what types of books I read and I think this is the perfect way to do so. Sometimes I start books and don’t finish them, but if I have the goal of doing a review, I have to get to the end of the book to do so.
  1. Movie Reviews. I love to watch and go see movies (and I know many of you guys do too!). So I figured why not add movie reviews to the list! I can tell all you lovely people about all the new movies. 😀 WARNING: Some reviews may go in detail and spoil parts of the movie but I will try not to spoil too much as I hate spoilers too!

In my blogging career, I plan to cover other topics such as Christianity, high school, college, gap years, homeschooling, self-help, Biblical womanhood, health, dating, marriage, parenting, writing tips, and more.

So there you have it! These are my goals for Life Lived Fully. They may change or I may add some as the year goes on, but I hope this encourages to set your personal as well as professional goals. Just remember, while plans are good to have, plans can change and it’s important to be flexible in life because things will not always go as planned (believe me, I know).

The possibilities are endless and it’s important to see it that way. If you don’t you are just limiting yourself.

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